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Tim Jarvis


We are proud to partner with Tim Jarvis, leading environmental scientist, author, public speaker and record breaking adventurer who has planned and led multiple high profile expeditions in some of the world’s most extreme environments.

In 2013, Tim led the first authentic retracing of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s “double” - sailing a replica James Caird boat 1500kms across the Southern Ocean from Elephant Island, Antarctica to South Georgia and climbing over South Georgia’s mountainous terrain using the same rudimentary equipment, period clothing and technology as Sir Ernest. Regarded by many as the greatest survival journey of all time, it was the first time since Ernest Shackleton that anybody has been able to authentically recreate it.


Tim Jarvis

“Exposing yourself to that level of exertion and isolation allows you to meet, or perhaps reacquaint yourself with a different version of yourself.”

Tim Jarvis

Antarctic heritage trust (NZ)

Conservation experts from Antarctic Heritage Trust (NZ) discovered the antique whisky which forms the basis of our Blended Malt whilst working to preserve Shackleton’s 1907 basecamp at Cape Royds, Antarctica. The team now works tirelessly to preserve this monument to a legend.

A contribution from all sales of Shackleton Blended Malt will now go to the Trust to help support both the ongoing preservation of the hut and projects that build on the legacy of Shackleton and his men.


Credit: Antarctic heritage trust